Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is a broad term that covers quite a lot of what dentists do. It’s our job to restore your teeth to full health and function once again. Coleman Burgess, DDS, brings all of these options right to you, and we do it in a completely holistic way.

Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Our first priority as a dental office is to keep a close eye on your teeth. That way we catch and repair any problems before they can become major issues. Every cleaning restores your mouth to a state of health that helps prevent cavities and gum disease.

This can be augmented by regular oral hygiene at home. If you have any questions on proper brushing, flossing, or other oral care, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Coleman Burgess, DDS. We’ll answer any of your questions, so that you have the knowledge you need.

Restorative Options

However good your teeth are, problems do arise. This is true even with excellent daily hygiene and regular checkups.

That is where our restorative services really come in. Our office will fix these problems up for you, so that you leave feeling good as new.

We fill cavities, place crowns, repair chips and cracks, and we do it all with techniques and materials that are the most up-to-date and health-conscious. No old-school tools, or waiting around for your crowns to be made. We’ll mill them right in the office while you’re still in the chair.

BPA- and Mercury-Free

Two materials that are extremely common in dental practice, especially for treatments that were performed many years ago, are BPA and mercury.

BPA is a component in many kinds of plastics and resins, which is added in order to simultaneously increase their durability and flexibility.

Mercury is one of several metals used in older amalgam fillings. It’s convenient and multi-functional. Unfortunately it is also toxic to human beings when present in high levels.

Both of these materials are present in several different traditional dental procedures. Here in our office, we are proud to offer only BPA- and mercury-free alternatives, so that you can enjoy a healthy, holistic dental treatment.

Any Questions?

For an appointment or a consultation, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our restorative dentistry services will have you fixed up as good as new.