Teeth Whitening

Stains happen. Whether it’s carpet, clothing, or furniture, things get stained, and getting those stains out can be laborious.

The bad news is that teeth are no exception to staining. Between tobacco, coffee, illness, age, and so much else, teeth don’t stay white. The good news, however, is that there are whitening systems to lessen and/or eliminate these stains.


Our office uses Opalescence brand whitening. Much like other whitening systems, Opalescence is a peroxide-based formula used to produce whitening results.

When this peroxide settles onto your teeth, it breaks into its constituent components: water and oxygen. Oxygen is what does the heavy lifting in this formula. Oxygen atoms are fairly small, so they are able to work their way into your teeth, where they react with the stain molecules. This reaction breaks the stains down, which in turn release their hold on the enamel and bleach out their color.

Get the whitening you want from your smile with this safe and easy peroxide system.

Take-home Application

Most whitening systems work with this exact same peroxide method. It is a tried and true format. However, many over the counter strips and trays have proven to be rather underwhelming in their results.

This is not due to a failure in the formula, or to a badly-made product. It is merely the result of the product’s available strength. Drugstore brands aren’t able to provide a peroxide ratio that gives the kind of results most people want.

Opalescence is the answer to this conundrum. Sold through our dentist office instead of over the counter, this system has a much higher concentration of peroxide, which will deliver you a whiter, brighter smile completely at your own convenience.

Talk to Us About Whitening

For high quality whitening only available through professional dentistry offices, give us a call. We’ll provide the kind of dazzle that you’ve always wanted in your smile.