Snap-On Smiles

It’s natural for us to want our first impressions to be good ones. A healthy, bright smile can make an enormous difference in that regard. We’ve seen it time and time again. All of the great charmers have had a little certain something going for them.

That razzle-dazzle that we see in our favorite Hollywood stars often seems totally out of reach for most of us. Even easily-accessible veneers or whitening services might not be quite right for your specific needs.

If you’ve ever felt this way, and wondered what you can do about it, you’re in luck. Coleman Burgess, DDS, offers you an affordable, accessible, easy-to-use alternative that will give you all of the dazzle with none of the hassle.

You’ve Got Options

Snap-on Smiles brings you a comfortable, custom-fit appliance that actually snaps on overtop your own teeth. This appliance is made of a hard-wearing, stain-resistant resin, and can bring you a whitened look, disguise minor snaggles, and cover awkward gaps.

It’s completely removable, and completely easy to maintain.

Why Go With Snap-on Smiles?

These snap-ons can serve several different purposes. If you are in the process of getting veneers, orthodontic adjustments, or new crowns, Snap-on Smiles will give you the perfect way to test out the new designs before giving the permanent okay.

If you’ve lived with the new look for a little while, you’ll be much better able to make your cosmetic choices and get any questions answered before anything is set in stone.

The second great use for snap-ons is as a longer term alternative to veneers or orthodontic work. They will still be removable and easily cleanable, but can function as an accessory that will have you smiling radiantly in your everyday life. For many people, the Snap-on smile option can be life-changing.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

If you find yourself really relating to any of the above, give us a call right away. Snap-on Smiles may be just the dental answer you’re looking for, and Coleman Burgess, DDS, is happy to help you along the way to those answers.