Six Month Smiles

There are many excellent orthodontic options out there for different dental needs. For people who live a busy, active life, and need quality results quickly, Six Month Smiles may be the ideal option for you.

Six Month Smiles provides an excellent balance between the function of traditional braces and the invisible convenience of clear aligners.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic adjustment system that uses the tried-and-true method of wire and bracket adjustments to straighten and align teeth correctly.

What is the difference between this system and the traditional braces?

  1. It’s much faster. In fact, Six Month Smiles really does live up to its name. The average time for a complete adjustment with these braces is about six months!
  2. Another principle difference is the materials used in the wires and brackets. Six Month Smiles uses the most modern tooth-colored brackets and memory shape wires, which are specifically designed to hold their shape and apply the needed pressure to get your teeth where they need to be.
  3. Six Month Smiles are nearly invisible. No need to worry about photoshoots, presentations, or important events during treatment with these braces. Most of your friends will forget you’re even wearing them!

These differences make Six Month Smiles an excellent choice when you want to combine modern innovations with subtle treatment!

Memory Shape Wires

Another key difference between traditional braces and Six Month Smiles includes memory shape wire, a key component to this treatment. Memory shape wire is made of an alloy called Nitinol. Nitinol is a combination of nickel and titanium, which can actually be programmed! 

When brought to a certain temperature, the wire’s shape can be memorized by the molecules. Later on, no matter how much it is bent, twisted, or crumpled, re-heating the wire springs it right back to that memorized shape.

This amazing alloy is used in important projects like the Mars Rover tires, but it also brings a number of incredible benefits to the field of orthodontics. Because of this shape memory, braces wires can:

  • Be more precisely adjusted to your exact tooth arrangement.
  • Be set to provide more pressure on some teeth than on others.
  • Be reset very easily to its necessary shape if any damage occurs to the wires.
  • Resist breakage and snapping.
  • Require fewer adjustments during the course of braces treatment.

This remarkable wire makes all the difference between traditional braces and the innovative Six Month Smiles!

How Does the Six Month Smiles System Work?

Other than the benefits listed above, this system works very much like traditional braces.

Scans of your teeth are made into a 3D model. We can then use this model to determine the precise pressure that needs to be applied to each tooth, in order to move each one into its ideal location.

Only after this treatment plan is polished digitally will we apply the wires to your teeth. These wires will occasionally need to be adjusted, as your teeth gradually shift.

In as little as six months, you’ll have the straightened, well-aligned smile that you deserve!

Talk To Us About Six Month Smiles

If you think that Six Month Smiles might be for you, don’t hesitate to talk to our office. We’re glad to examine your teeth to determine their needs and to discuss your options.