Orthodontics is is a subcategory of dentistry. It deals primarily with the positioning of teeth and jaws. You may be familiar with traditional wire braces, used to correct poorly-aligned teeth. This is just one of many options available in orthodontics.

Why Would I Need Orthodontics?

When teeth and jaws are snaggled, full of gaps, or completely misaligned, this can cause more problems than just the aesthetic.

Jaws that don’t fit together properly can put enormous stress on the TMJs, which are the joints that connect the mandible to the skull. TMJ stress, in turn, can result in chronic headaches, jaw pain, jaw locking, and difficulty eating.

Misalignment can also result in certain teeth getting worn and pressured more than others, potentially causing enamel erosion or cracking.

Gaps in the bite keep food from getting chewed properly, making even simple tasks like eating much more difficult than they need to be.

All in all, having jaws and teeth line up properly is extraordinarily beneficial.

Orthodontic OptionsBracket and Wire Braces are what we traditionally think of in terms of tooth-straightening. This method is a time-tested and effective way to realign teeth.

These work by means of a series of wire adjustments. At regular intervals, those wearing the braces will go into the office and have the wires tightened in a controlled and precise way. This tightening guides the slow and steady shifting of teeth into their correct positions.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners are a great alternative for orthodontia, when wire and bracket braces aren’t the right choice for you.

Instead of wire adjustments, this system uses a series of clear plastic aligners, each one slightly adjusted, in order to guide your teeth. When the time comes, simply take one out and slip the next one in.

Six Month Smiles is a system of orthodontic treatment that finds a happy medium between clear aligners and traditional braces. These use a wire system, which can be adjusted and guided like traditional braces, but are also completely clear.

The system also prides itself in being one of the fastest available in the industry. It’s not called Six Month Smiles for nothing!

Let’s Talk About Your Options

For any orthodontic questions, give us a call here at Coleman Burgess, DDS. We’ll match you with the treatment that suits your lifestyle the best, so you can have your teeth looking and feeling great.