Mercury-Free Dentistry

Here at our Wilmington office, we take great pride in offering all of our services BPA and mercury-free.

We come to you with a holistic approach to dentistry, which includes the usage of only the safest and most natural products we are able to.

Dental Mercury

Traditional dentistry began using a metal amalgam for tooth fillings nearly 200 years ago. These amalgams include silver, mercury, tin, and copper, with trace amounts of zinc, indium or palladium.

Why mercury? It’s the ingredient that makes the other metals pliable, and therefore able to be used as a filling in the first place. It has a very low melting point. In fact, it’s the only metal on earth that is found in liquid form at room temperature. This makes it useful for a very large number of things, including thermometers, other metallic alloys, and fluorescent lighting.

What Does it Mean to Be Mercury-Free?

Unfortunately, mercury is toxic to human beings in large amounts. We encounter traces of it in everyday life all the time, but too many traces from too many sources can add up.

Here at our office, we offer alternatives to silver-colored amalgam fillings in the form of composite resins and dental porcelain. No mercury at all—not even in small traces.

The Advantages of Composite Fillings

There is more to the composite resin than just avoiding trace elements. They have quite a few benefits, besides.

Firstly, and most prominently, composite resins and porcelains are tooth-colored. Rather than a silver patch, these filling materials can be matched to the color of your teeth so precisely that it’s extremely difficult to tell it’s there.

Composites also bond directly to the tooth in ways that metals are just not able to. This not only strengthens your tooth, but more effectively protects the interior from particles and bacteria.

Composites can be used in smaller areas. Less of the tooth must be removed, in order for a resin filling to properly set.

Metals are naturally better conductors than many other materials. Resins and porcelains are not. This dramatically lowers hot and cold sensitivity in any teeth with fillings.

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The benefits of composite fillings have been time-tested and proven effective. We’re proud to offer them here at Coleman Burgess, DDS. Give us a call today to set up your appointment.