A single missing tooth is inconvenient, and can cause many difficulties with speaking and eating. Multiple missing teeth compound these problems dramatically. These gaps are not only harder to live with, but have traditionally been much harder to effectively treat or replace.

Fortunately, through the use of modern technology and increased understanding of the mouth, this is no longer the case. Dentures, implants, bridges, and crowns are better than they have ever been, and can even be created while you’re still sitting in the dental chair.

Dentures have come a very long way since the days of George Washington’s famous—and somewhat disconcerting—set of false wooden teeth. Modern dentures come in so many shapes and styles that there is something for everyone.

Traditional Dentures involve a complete set of synthetic teeth that is held in place with top-quality adhesives. The sound of this option might make you feel wary, due to the stigma given to dentures by comedic media. Rest assured that modern dentures are comfortable, secure, and beautiful.

They are individually crafted to suit you and you alone. They are secure, completely functional, and easy to maintain.

Implant-supported Dentures are a great alternative to replacing every single tooth with an implant. Instead of replying on adhesives to keep the dentures in place, these dentures are attached through a series of dental implants.

An especially popular arrangement for these supports is the dentures on four system, wherein the whole set of full dentures is attached with only four strategically-placed implants.

Implant-supported dentures are permanent, durable, and perfectly crafted to suit your mouth.

Snap-on Dentures are exactly what they sound like. These teeth are also implant-supported, but, unlike other implant dentures, are entirely removable. They simply snap on and off of the implant bases, entirely at your convenience.

Partial Dentures are useful when you’ve got a stretch of several missing teeth, but do not need a full-mouth traditional appliance.

These synthetic tooth segments usually snap into place like a retainer. They are, however, also available for implant mounts. Just as with the dentures on four plan, these implant-supported partial dentures only require the simple use of one or two titanium rods.

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