Dental Technology

Coleman Burgess, DDS provides the latest and most up-to-date technology available in the dental industry. Between digitizing everything and making our procedures less invasive than ever before, you can rest assured that your dental treatment here at our office will be modern, effective, and just right for your needs.

Equipment and Services Offered

The list of what we can offer, regarding dental equipment and procedures, is extensive. We don’t just list it to look good, either. Every item on this page is put to regular use by our experienced professionals.

  • Digital charts
  • Isolite
  • ScanX digital x-rays
  • ICAT 3D imaging
  • Electric handpiece drills
  • Cordless Curing lights for bonding and tooth-colored fillings
  • CEREC 3D with MCXL milling unit
  • Porcelain lab on-site for eMAX porcelain
  • Triad and Vacuform bite guards and bleach trays
  • Lasers gum surgery
  • Cariscreen Analysis
  • Cavitron ProphyJet
  • Optilume Trushade
  • TMJ Doppler Auscultation
  • PrepStart for enhanced bonding
  • Canary Diagnosis System
  • Nomad handheld digital x-ray unit
  • CT scanner
  • iNterra unit
  • Surgical equipment needed for implant dentistry

Digital Conversion

The jump to digital technology has revolutionized dentistry. Not only are we able to stay incredibly organized, due to digital filing, but we can use CAD software and digital scanners to take real-time images of your mouth, load them into a computer, and design a crown, veneer, or denture set with precision fitting and a perfectly natural look.

The digitization of X-rays has cut down on both time and materials needed in order to get a clear look at the structure of your mouth. No more wings of film or waiting for photo development.

Digital tech goes even farther than that! With our current software, we can even guide surgery procedures, implants, and anesthetization. Dentistry has truly become a whole new world. A world in which you, as our patient, can reap incredible benefits.

Reduce Your Time in the Chair

Not only do we offer the latest in the digital world, but our tools and methods are top of the line as well.

CEREC machines, for example, are able to mill a crown or bridge while you’re still in the chair. No waiting around or rescheduling required.

We haven’t even mentioned the lasers yet. Yes, that’s right! Lasers.

Lasers may sound like a thing of the distant future. In reality, they are becoming increasingly common dental tools. They allow for a level of precision that cannot always be achieved through a traditional tool set. They cause less tissue swelling, which in turn means faster recovery time. All in all, they’re a marvel that we are excited to offer in our practice.

Give Us a Call

We have so much to offer you that it’s impossible to cover it all in a few paragraphs. Give us a call today so that we can talk to you about your options and get you set up with a treatment that will meet your specific needs.