Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be a major inhibition. Not only do those gaps making biting and chewing very difficult, dramatically limiting what you can eat, but they also make clear speech much harder.

There are a number of treatments used to correct this, including bridges, dentures, and partial dentures. Far and away the most popular—and one of the most effective—treatments is the dental implant.

These synthetic teeth, implanted right into the gap in your bite, function just like natural teeth, look just like natural teeth, and keep your mouth healthy, all in one.

How Do Implants Work?

Synthetic teeth are made from three parts: the implant rod, the connector, and the crown.

Crowns for implants function exactly like regular dental crowns, forming a strong and beautiful biting surface that allows you complete use of your teeth once again.

The connector is simply that: a piece that allows the crown to connect to the implant rod.

Implant rods are the real power behind this structure. The rod itself is durably made of titanium, just as many other medical restoration appliances are.

Its main job is to function as a root, giving the crown a stable anchor to keep it strong. This rod is placed into your jaw, right where the natural root would have been. It even grows into the bone of the mandible, just like a natural root. This structure is strong and long-lasting, with no possibility of a cavity.

What are the Advantages of an Implant?

First and foremost, implants restore a tooth where there was none. Speaking and eating are made much easier, once the complete bite has been restored.

Another powerful benefit is the safety and health of the rest of the mouth. Implants actively prevent severe jaw and gum deterioration, which can happen when a tooth gap is left for too long.

Implants are much more permanent and stable than many alternatives to tooth replacement. They have been proven to last for decades with simple maintenance and no signs of wear or deterioration.

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