Our Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Smiles are a significant factor in first impressions. As part of a highly social species, humans naturally put a lot of time and thought into these impressions. Dental work can therefore be a daunting prospect.

From surgeries to non-invasive whitening treatments, everything done to keep the mouth healthy has an effect on its look and function.

In this regard, the number one item on our agenda for any dental treatment is your 100% satisfaction. That’s why we, here at Coleman Burgess, DDS, offer you our Beautiful Smile Guarantee.

This guarantee comes in three parts.

You Make the Choices

Our professionals will guide you through the entire treatment process from beginning to end, but during its entirety you have the final say in what you want done. The precise decisions about color, shape, and positioning are completely guided by you.

A Temporary Stage

We never make anything permanent without your go ahead. Between temporary bonding agents and snap-on smiles, we can put together a trial run for all of your work, so that you can see just how much you do or don’t love it.

Only after you are entirely satisfied with the choices that we’ve made together will we move on to permanent bonding. Once the permanent stage has begun, we can no longer change or shift anything. That is why this in-between stage is so important.

We Aren’t Done Until You Are

The third part of our guarantee is a promise of quality service. We guarantee that we’ll keep working until you’re happy. If you try on your temporary smile and are not completely satisfied with it, it goes right back to the lab. We will never do a halfway job and call it good. We will never cut corners or lie to you about our options. We’ll never patronize you into making choices you aren’t happy with.

Trust Coleman Burgess, DDS

With this motto as the backbone of what we do in our practice, we’ll be able to provide you with quality care and results that you’ll love. We guarantee it. Call today for your beautiful smile.